What is EDM?

Email Direct Marketing (EDM) has become so encompassing in today’s business world. It is to provide content and information in a professional, consistent and original manner that recipients will find useful and not to spam (unsolicited commercial email) them with meaningless or outdated information. It is also an extremely direct way to connect your business to your customers – issuing newsletters, building and maintaining brand awareness, promoting preferred customer specials and sales, announcing new services or products, inviting to events, educating your customers and more. Yet many businesses fail to capitalize on this marketing strategy and lose their sales as a result. EDM what purpose?

  • Promote the company’s new products – the company’s latest products introduce to customers by e-mail
  • Promotions or short-term promotion – can help a company to do some promotions
  • To establish the company’s branding image – e-mail advertisements to make impression of the company in order to establish branding image
  • Increase the company’s turnover – to help the company attract new customers and thus increase company turnover via e-mail
  • To absorb Members – to attract new members or new customers through email marketing service

The advantages of EDM

  • The method by e-mail web promotion department, greatly enhance the effectiveness of the company advertising
  • Can e-mail web pages with hyperlinks to allow customers to more easily obtain product information
  • To make products to multi-angle display in the e-mail page